Review: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (Beau Monde, Book 1) by Samantha Grace

miss hillary schools a scoundrelHero: Lord Andrew Forest is the eternal confirmed bachelor. He will never get married. But when the enticing virginal Alana “Lana” Hilary seduces him and disappears he’s hooked. He has to find her, win her, and make her his in every way that counts. She can’t reject him a second time can she?

Heroine: Lana needs to make a good match, so she’s instituting a no-scoundrels policy. Her ex-fiancé was one and Andrew is as far from a respectable gentleman as she can get. He’s even caught in the act of meeting a lady friend when he rescues her from the tree. But despite his similarities to her ex, Andrew is far more honorable. If only he was dependable and she was certain he’d never break her heart. Best not to chance it!

Review: I love how Lana escapes from the window to avoid an overbearing older admirer. Good thinking! Too bad she got caught in the branches and gave Lord Andrew a view up her skirts in the process. 😉 This was a touching, feel-good, happy romance with a twist of danger! Also loved that he called her peach and that at first she was horribly put out by it (because of her red hair) until he explained it. Sigh. Cute. Great debut.


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