Review: Mr. Darcy Forever by Victoria Connelly

MrDarcyForeverThis is book 3 of the “Austen Addicts” trilogy.

Review by Lynn Reynolds

If you have been following Victoria’s trilogy, you will want to make sure to read Mr. Darcy Forever. She starts her book off with Sarah Castle blindfolding her sister, Mia, so that she doesn’t see her surprise. They are celebrating Mia’s twenty-first birthday.

Mia had a rough childhood and Sarah has always been there for her. Both sisters have a thing for Jane Austen. Once you have finished reading this book, if you have not already, you may want to watch some of the films of the Austen adaptations. Sarah loves to watch them.

Victoria then switches to three years after their celebration. We see Sarah getting ready for the annual Jane Austen Festival. I have searched the internet and found that this is an actual festival. If you take any vacation time in September, you may want to take a trip to Bath and check the festival out. You can find more information at The Jane Austen Festival.

Victoria gives us a hint that something happened between the sisters three years ago. We also see that Mia graduated from drama school. She lives in London and drama and singing are her passion. Sarah works at home as an accountant. Mia also shares with us some of what happened between her and Sarah.

Mia goes to visit her friend, Shelley, who’s also an Austen fan. One good thing that Victoria does for us is list some of Sarah’s Austen novels. You may find that after you read this book or the other two in the trilogy that you will want to read some of Jane’s.

My first impressions of Mia are that she’s a very self-centered person who’s also a user. But then Victoria lets us know that there’s more there than my first impressions. She’s also a character that some people may be able to relate to.

Sarah is a character that you want to cheer for. She has issues that she must deal with but she also tries to rise above them. She meets a gentleman named Lloyd Anderson who knows what Sarah is dealing with. She is also someone that you would want to be friends with. You also hope that she finds love and has someone to spend the rest of her life with.

Gabe is another character that we are introduced to. He lives next door to Shelley and over a short bit of time comes to realize how much he likes Mia. He’s also the character that shows us that Mia is not the person I think she is. He’s just what she needs.

Sometimes when an author goes between the past and the present, I get a little confused about what’s going on – the author loses me. I can actually follow the story Victoria is weaving without any problems. It gives us an insight as to how Sarah and Mia got where they are today. . I can also just about hear the pianoforte playing in the background. You may want to see if you can find a recording to listen to as you read Sarah and Mia’s story. The trilogy ends with us being glad that Mr. Darcy still exists.


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