Review: Never Miss a Chance (Kellington Series, Book 2) by Maureen Driscoll

Never Miss a ChanceHeroine: Lady Elizabeth Kellington is a bluestocking interested in women’s rights. Not a good idea for a Regency England heroine even if she’s a duke’s daughter. Scandal reaches even the highest nobility of the ton. Her marriage chances dwindle rapidly as those who before it hit courted her favor now gave her snubs and others who never would have approached her before are seeking her out. Ouch. But not everyone is cutting Lizzie from their social circle.

Hero: Marcus Redmond, the Marquess of Riverton, has loved his best friend’s sister for a long time and the scandal puts her in his reach for the very first time. A damaged reputation is the perfect opportunity for a marriage proposal. But Lizzie even now wants a love match… So how does he prove that they’re already a match? Especially when he doesn’t agree with her politics?

The Kellingtons: The first book Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid sets up the family dynamic, but it is not necessary to read it to enjoy the sequel. The three main characters of the first book have cameo appearances in Never Miss a Chance.

Review: Lizzie is a feisty heroine who is a bit too ahead of her time. She is an idealist and on some levels it works, especially when she tells the uppity snide woman from her little club where to shove it. Marcus is a hot, staid, reserved hero and that works for me. I like it when the hero appears to the world as one thing and in his private life as something else (when the change is positive like a passionate nature.) A witty and happy romance.


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