Review: Night Watch by Alice Gaines

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Janice Morgan loves to watch porn. How many of you can admit the same? But it sounds like she’s getting bored by them. They don’t seem to satisfy her like they used to.

Janice has a new neighbor that lives across the way. His name is Sam Windsor. Janice has a great vantage point to watch a great show that’s going on over at Sam’s place. Alice lets us see that Sam “swings both ways”. You also get a chance to see the differences in the way that men and women interact during sex.

Janice doesn’t realize it at the time but Sam knows what’s going on. Interesting thing is that Sam doesn’t seem to mind. He actually seems to like the idea. This brings a different level to their relationship. They seem to have an instant connection and set out to explore where it will take them.

It’s nice to see an author that makes a character that is so considerate of their partner – making sure that the partner comes first. Sam gives Janice the ride of her life. In order to add some spice to their relationship

Alice, what are you doing to us? She leaves us hanging at the end. This is where your imagination will have to take over (unless she gives us a series). If you only have a little time to read and need something to get your engines going, “Night Watch is the story for you. It may also give you some ideas to spice things up in your relationship with your partner.


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