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no hero mallory kaneReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: The no hero of the title here is actually the detective , Dev Gautier who strolls the streets of New Orleans in search of the woman, Rhegan Connor who he would rather not talk to at the moment as she has previously told the whole world about his shady past, putting him at odds with his superiors in the force. He is a mentor for teenagers and tries to do his best to help them have a better life than they did when they were much younger, but when they start to be killed one by one, he has to find the murderer, and the only one who can help him is the woman who spurned him.

Review: The whole point of this novel is that all the way through, Dev tries to make out he is no hero, but that just isn’t true. He’s a hero in the truest sense of the word. He helps out teens who stay at the Thibaud Johnson Centre for HomelessTeens who otherwise would have no chance at a decent life. These range from kids who have no parents to those who have a mother who has a father who beats them and generally treats them bad. Rhegan thinks she knows who the murderer is, but she will have to go a long way to proving it.

From the moment you start reading the first chapter, you realise this isn’t a run of the mill romance story at all, but more of a serious mystery written by someone who always wanted to write solely about mystery fiction. The start takes you through a grisly murder scene where a young teenager is followed by a mystery man only to have his throat slit. Once you see things from Rhegan’s and Dev’s point of view, you start very early on to see all the clues that lead to a rather cruel and ruthless murderer who bears a personal grudge against Dev. Dev and Rhegan have to work together to get some serious proof on the killer they already know is still at large.

Interesting bits: The beginning of the story, Rhegan’s constant teasing him while they are trying to work together, the DVD that is as valuable as gold dust, and how truly evil the antagonist in this novel really is.

Was it any good: Certainly, it has a solid story, and it’s romance with a serious mystery overtone to it that brings the reader into the story and takes over. I would recommend this for anyone who likes their romance crossed with another genre.


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