Review: No Ordinary Princess by Pamela Morsi


nopNo Ordinary Princess by Morsi was very bland. I don’t know why I kept reading it other than I hoped, sincerely hoped something would happen to put it on the same level as Simple Jess or Courting Miss Hattie. It didn’t happen.

The hero was masquerading as another person (fake) in order to win over the very rich heroine. He thought that by being somebody suave, wealthy, and from an old American family she would fall for him. During the course of his quick rich scheme, he falls for her and she’s clearly in love with a lie but in love nevertheless.

My biggest problem I think was that I wanted the other shoe to drop sooner. I wanted the heroine to wise up and spot the fake because the real man had far better qualities that he showed to readers and occasionally others. I kept expecting him to rush her to the altar and while the courtship is two weeks, it lasts half the book!

I wanted a better ending. The story ending is very lame and anticlimactic. Where was the groveling at the very least? Sigh. No Ordinary Princess was such a let down after the other novels. Even if I hadn’t read the other novels first, this story would have been equally disappointing, which is really just too bad.

Rating: 2 Stars

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