Review: O, Come by Bridget Midway

O Come by Bridget MidwayReview by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Christmas is a time for joy, fun and pleasure – it is also a time for seeing your family, but for Cynda Richmond it’s a time for going to a Village Resort in Colorado run by her family. She did have other plans to go to Greece, but has something else she wants to take care of, a certain man, Reid Weller, a childhood companion who just happens to be the lodge’s general manager and someone who has never seen her as a grown up person.

Reid Weller on the other hand wants nothing more than to help his guests at the lodge have a great Christmas stay there without the hassle normally associated with the festive season. Reid has no problem with the guests as he ensures the smooth running of the place, but when Cynda comes to stay there, he feels she will unleash a whole load of trouble just like she used to do when he knew her. These were her younger days and his too, but despite her best intentions, he can’t get beyond the fact she might cause trouble for their family again.

Review: Cynda is someone from Reid’s past, when he was younger and more reckless. He remembers making love to her when he first got the job at Village Resorts and even though they had split up, he still thinks about her and the way she was back then. He has dreamt of her ever since the split, and hurts inside as he knows he will never find another girl like her. The problem is he knew she wasn’t any good for him, yet the memory of her still haunts him. The story mainly reads from Reid’s perspective of how he feels and how much he wants to make a second go of him and Cynda’s relationship. He is a different person now, a high-flyer, but he still loves the only woman who first kissed him.

Juicy bits: Reid finding a naked Cynda on his bed when he walks in! Cynda being caught naked and causing a scandal at Planet Hollywood’s Hotel’s pool and Reid thinking naughty thoughts about Cynda’s luscious lips being somewhere they shouldn’t.

Is it any good? It has a lot of feeling, Bridget knows how to put serious emotion into her novels and that’s why they work.


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