Review: Off the Shelf by Lucy Felthouse

off the shelfReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Annalise Berger is trying to take care of her sexual needs before she has to go to the airport. She’s a woman that travels a lot. I envy people that can travel all over the world. Her mother calls to give her some motherly advice.

Once Annalise is at the airport, she ends up in the bookshop. There she meets Damien. This is a sweet romance for Lucy. It had just the right amount of sex with just a hint of more to come. But Lucy has left me wondering.

In one scene there is a naked guy at the hotel that Annalise is staying at. Has Lucy left it that there is going to be a sequel? Is there going to be more for Lucy and Damien? You may want to stop by her web site,, and see if you can find answers to these questions or to see what else she has written.

This is a perfect book to take to the beach or if you’re in between flights and you only have a little time in which to read. You want something that is going to grab and hold your attention from the first and until the very last page. You want something steamy and that will fuel your imagination. You can never go wrong when reading something written by Lucy Felthouse.

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  1. Nice review. I like the idea of having a book suit what you will be doing, like in this case, traveling. It seems the sort of book I could get into.

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