Review: Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs


Oh. My. Gods. is a pretty decent young adult novel. As an older reader, I wish it provided me with more… more everything. I would recommend this book for young preteens up to age fourteen or fifteen. It’s clean, it’s cute, and it’s got fun paranormal elements.

The majority of the work is set in Greece, where Phoebe must live with her mother, her new stepfather, and her ‘evil’ stepsister. It’s her senior year of high school and all Phoebe wants is to be home, taking her classes, and running for track so she can go to USC on full scholarship.

Her new school is crazy tough on academics (don’t all teenagers think that?), the cliques are impossible to break into, and she doesn’t fit in (who does?) because she’s not a descendant of a god. Say what? That’s right Phoebe’s biggest problem is that she’s normal, has no ‘superpowers,’ and most importantly can’t trace her ancestry to one of the Greek gods.

Her stepsister is a part of the Hera entourage, whose closest affiliation is the Zeus gang… aka part of the most popular set on campus. The boy she crushes on is part of Ares, who is not only the god of war but also the patron of athletes. His girlfriend is a member of the Aphrodite group… and a cheerleader. She just can’t compete! Or can she?

Spoiler…. Phoebe and her crush, Griffin, wind up together after some traditional teenage drama and conflict. It works even though it’s rushed. The book is under 265 pages, making it a fast read.

Rating: 3 Stars

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  1. I read this one while waiting for book 2 of Percy Jackson to be returned. I agree with the review, it was VERY rushed, I wanted more on the…OK, yes, I agree with that, too. More of everything.

    It was a typical high school story with Greek gods dumped in for good measure.

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