Review: One Night is Never Enough by Anne Mallory

I’m squeeing all over the place with this book. One Night Is Never Enough is not enough! I want it to be 5 times longer – and that’s only a slight hyperbole there.

I loved the hero. He’s all kinds of toe-curling wonderful. Let’s start with his name… Roman Merrick… two of my favorite first names! Subjective I know but I liked it. He’s got scars (hurrah!) and attitude from clawing his way up the ladder (hurrah!). He’s fiercely loyal to those who count (yes please!) and determined to get what he wants (me please? lol). Simply sinfully scrumptious. Yum!

Roman Merrick and his brother are probably the equivalent of the mob in Regency London. They run a gambling hell, several side businesses, buy the markers of debt of wealthy nobles, and pretty much have their fingers in every pot. One of the things Roman has going for him is his intuition. His gut feeling to do something, be somewhere, take interest in someone…

That particular someone is Charlotte Chatsworth, the crown jewel of the ton, her father is holding out for a duke in marriage, but Roman feels things are about to change. Fortuitously he’s sitting at the very game where one of Charlotte’s suitors tricks the father into placing an outrageous bet… 1 night spent all alone in her company against 10,000 pounds! This is a hand Roman will not lose.

I got to say I really liked how Roman and Charlotte met the first time and then again when she discovers who won the card game her father lost her in. Delicious. To be together one must risk a financial empire and the other all social security… so the question remains are they both willing to gamble on the other?


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5 thoughts on “Review: One Night is Never Enough by Anne Mallory”

  1. I read this book based on your review and I have to say, it was a most delicious read. I actually *increased* my workout times so I’d have more of a chance to read it.

    Thank you!

  2. Hey Keira!

    I also read this one based on our review. Thanks! I devoured it this weekend and I was squeeing about it too. The sexual tension was incredible!

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