Review: One Thousand Kisses (The Fey Realm, Book 2) by Jody Wallace

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

The Fairy Court doesn’t stand a chance with Primary, Embor Fiertag in the ranks – he is a fun kind of guy, kind and normal for a fairy male, but he hasn’t bonded with a mate yet, and some of his kind are getting worried about him. As he is the Primary, he has a need to find a mate but he doesn’t admit to it, but there are other things he would like to get sorted out first – find the ones who made an attempt on his life, and see if he can get re elected. It’s a tall order, even for someone like him – but he can do it – hopefully!

This novel has a really good start, with a nice dose of good humor showing the main character Embor who has his hands full with a mystery toddler who insists on flying away even when he doesn’t want her to. As Embor is more used to court life, he finds he isn’t used to dealing with children or babies, so this encounter is something new for him. When he finds her mother, Anisette, all the worrying is over, but not the humor.

The story is set in a fantasy realm, yet uses some more modern language to mix with the humor, and Jody gives readers plenty of that to be going on with in the story, the reader can be assured of that. There is a good amount of fantasy violence, fairy drug abuse and bad language that propels the story forward in context, rather than it just being in the story. The fairies in the story are also aware of the real world around them in modern America, so there is some kind of familiarity for the readers too.

The one thousand kisses in the title refers to a book called The Thousand Kisses which is a guide for fairy people to use if they want to find a bondmate – lots of rituals are in there, but it isn’t something Embor wants to use. He does have an interest in Anisette, but will she find what she wants with him? She does use the rituals in the book after all. Many think this is the only way to find a bondmate, yet others have not followed the book’s teachings and found mates and bonded successfully. Embor, others think has no sex drive or interest in women, but he does have feelings for Anisette so why doesn’t he do something about it?

Readers will find a lot to like about this novel that looks at relationships in a fairy realm under fairy rule with fairy rules thrown in.


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