Review: Overbite (Insatiable, Book 2) by Meg Cabot

Genre: Paranormal, Love Triangle

Summary: Meena Harper can predict how anyone will die when she meets them. She always hopes to change their course, but people are notoriously stubborn. Nobody’s appreciated her powers before the Palatine Guard (the secret underground police unit of the Vatican aimed at attacking monsters) and Lucien Antonescu, her vampire ex-boyfriend…

Did I mention he’s the son of Dracula and current reigning prince of darkness? Of course the Vatican’s idea of monsters doesn’t really describe Lucien which is why Meena is desperate to prove her theory that vampires can love even without souls. Of course, if you try telling Alaric Wulf that, he’ll resort to violence.

Meanwhile, a new type of vampires are in town and the Palatine’s newest hope fighting them is Father Henrique aka Padre Caliente. Alaric hates him due to their mutual past history and Meena doesn’t trust him… and when he aims to hurt Lucien, Meena’s loyalties are severely tested. Does she save her ex or side with her employers?

Review: Going into this review I am going to warn you there are spoilers! Beware and don’t go any farther if you want to avoid them. If you’re Team Alaric you’re going to love this book. But…

I’m Team Lucien and I am so upset with how this book ended. OMG! There has got to be a third book. Is there a third book? Can someone ease my mind on this? I can’t stand the thought of Meena ending up with Alaric for good and Lucien turning into dust. His ultimate sacrifice has got to earn him a soul or wings or something. It can’t just end here. It just can’t. I’m too invested.

Other than that it’s a solid read with interesting ideas and some gross zombie like demon vampires to add a little horror to the love triangle. Yum? 😛


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3 thoughts on “Review: Overbite (Insatiable, Book 2) by Meg Cabot”

  1. I haven’t read Meg Cabot before. Cliff hanger endings…love to hate them . I don’t mind them as long as I can get the next book without a wait . So those type of stories I need to wait for the author to finish up the series before I try them.

  2. @Sharon – That’s the thing I don’t know if there’s going to be a third book. I hope this is a trilogy and I get at least one more book because I want it. NEED it! lol

    @Susan – Loved Insatiable and the sequel is good too and if there’s a third book so much the better!

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