Review: Perpetual Light by Jordan K. Rose

perpetual lightReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Taking your place as an important person in life isn’t an easy thing, not for Lucia Dicomano as she has to choose between love and becoming a true slayer, and it isn’t an easy thing, not when love and desire get in the way. She has the opportunity to become a Pharo of Redemption, but as a divine slayer she has to bring out the powers inside of her that have lain dormant for so long.

Vittorio is the vampire she has not destroyed, nor saved his soul and she feels she needs to, yet the love she has for him prevents her from committing this one act that could also save her. So Lucia, battling her inner demons and wants also has something else to consider, Samuel is stalking her every move, and knows her only too well, yet he is fuelled by revenge, he intends to capture her, and take her power. She only has one option, to befriend and trust Vittorio, and if she can’t, she must destroy him and fight Samuel alone, and risk losing her powers.

There is more than just a touch of Anne Rice with this novel, and as the quotes at the beginning of each chapter show, she has studied her work rather closely, and to be honest, that is no bad thing as the quality of the story unveils itself to the reader. This is a battle of two halves, one good one evil, but yet they can find love together under the façade of desire. Both Lucia and Vittorio are meant to be together, or so it seems, but as there is another who threatens the balance of what could be such a good relationship, they both have to act together if they want to get rid of Samuel. Vittorio is her dream husband, she dreams of him most of the time, and has certain affection for him even though she is supposed to slay him one day. In the novel, I got the feeling she might not do that to him.

Readers will like that this was an awakening type of story, where Lucia doesn’t know what power she has until she encounters vampires and demons, it is then she has to accept she actually has powers at all. Jordan makes the reader want to feel for the characters, as when Lucia finds out that Vittorio has been turned into a vampire by Elsa. The build up of tension is there, rising as you read on and want to know more about them.

Lucia is the light, while Vittorio is the darkness, but as we all know there is no light without darkness, and this novel is an excursion into the dark of the vampire…prepare for Vittorio’s voracious appetite.


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