Review: Possession by Devyn Quinn


Guest reviewer: Susan Sigler

Quinn’s books never disappoint me and Possession is no exception. Her writing is fluid, while her plots are mesmerizing, dark, and delicious. You’ll be addicted from the very first page!

While reading Possession, I immediately empathized with the heroine (Kendra Carter). Kendra’s life choices have never been her own. She was always governed by the men in her life. Her now deceased father Nathaniel, ex-boyfriend Michael, and step-brother Gerald.

Kendra returns home from rehab, to find there’s a new addition to her father’s estate. Her stepbrother has purchased a rare book, a book said to have been written by the devil himself. This unholy bible titled Delomelanicon is now in the library, to co-exist with them; under their very roof.

I must say I disliked Gerald early on; it always appeared to me that he was maintaining some sort of façade.
Unknowingly, Kendra unleashes a powerful demon called Remi. He’s a demon of revelation that showers her with sinful pleasures. Soon after, she begins to worry she’ll have to sacrifice her eternal soul to this demon. Is the pleasure worth the price?

The issues addressed are issues many of us will relate to. Issues of guilt and grief over a loved one’s death. Kendra also struggles with low self-esteem, anger, betrayal, and the search for love and acceptance.

possessionsmallThere were a myriad of fundamental themes, so many in fact; I’m calling it an erotic fable. These lessons are to forget one’s past blunders, to follow your own path, that it’s o.k. to break free from repressed sexual urges, to accept oneself, and that beauty lies within.

It was a treat to read along as Kendra’s character is transformed and reinvented. It’s this reason I chose her as my favorite character.

Quinn included lots of plot twists that I consider OMG (Oh! My God) moments. Aside from the dark plot, there were comic elements thrown in like confetti. The author also wrote a bathroom scene that’s downright wicked. In this scene Remi uses telekinetic abilities, and it’s in this scene Kendra has a precognition that is absolutely bone chilling.
Quinn’s plots never take a back seat to the erotica. She blends all the essential elements with exact doses. Not to mention, the ending was so devilishly appropriate, I had an evil grin when I read it.

Rating: 5 Pitchforks or Rather 5 Stars

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Aphrodisia, Erotic Romance, Kensington Books, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Copyright 2009, Print Pages 266. ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-2852-9, ISBN-10: 0-7582-2852-X

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13 thoughts on “Review: Possession by Devyn Quinn”

  1. Thank you Devyn, for spinning those dark erotic books I can’t seem to get enough of. I also thought you should know, Morgan has been dethroned. Remi is now my #1 hot hero. Although I will say, that funny sexy drunk will always have a special place in my heart. (LOL)

  2. Susan, it’s great reading your reviews. I was especially thrilled about this one because it was of a DQ book! The story sounds a bit scary and yet I can’t help wanting to by the book. Honestly, the idea of a Delomelanicon almost scares the hair right off of me!

  3. Emy, thank you. Actually Devyn should include a little plastic pitchfork with her books. They’re so devilish!

    Isabel the Delomelanicon would scare me too! I’d have to keep it in a triple locked box, wrapped in a dark cloth, with a thick metal chain in the attic. Of course what Remi does to Kendra isn’t scary, it’s erotic. Hmmm.. maybe I will open that triple lock box. LOL

  4. LOL, Susan, I am plotting Morgan’s return in a third book, hopefully for 2010. Don’t count him out just yet…. And I am tickled you liked the book. I was worried it sucked!

  5. Devyn, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll dethrone Remi & have Morgan rise to power again after the 3rd book. He can stumble his way to the throne or fly in; tell him to watch out for the window (reference to Sins of The Night). he,he
    Nope, did not suck!

  6. All this reading and reviews of Devyn’s books just makes me even more interested…I am really considering going out and buying my first book…
    Susan, which book should I start with? Need some guidance of where to begin w/his books…
    What do you recommend?

  7. Hi Vany , actually Devyn is a female author.
    Oh, you’re asking me a tough question. O.k. since it’s brand new & I gave it 5 stars begin with “Possession.”
    After you read “Possession” I recommend catching up with Keeper of Eternity, then Price of Eternity-I love them! That way, when the 3rd Eternity book hits bookstores; you’ll have familiarized yourself with the series. Not to mention, you’ll fall for Morgan as hard as I did. 🙂 I will warn you– it’s not for the faint of heart.
    Devyn really uses her Doom hat on the characters. LOL

  8. LOL, I’ve been called the queen of doom when it comes to my characters. Nobody populating my world has an easy time. :X

    LOL, I had fun popping Morgan into Sins of the Night. Thought I’d show another side of his sparkling personality….

  9. Hi Lynn-
    I really enjoy Devyn’s dark side; I own alot of her dark erotic paranormals. I have her paperbacks and some on Kindle.

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