Review: Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts by Mitzi Szereto

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

Just as when Jane Austen had written this novel over a hundred years ago, Mrs. Bennet finds out that Netherfield Park is to be let to a gentleman of means and position in society, and, she finds out, he is also a very handsome man indeed. It isn’t long before everyone hears about him all over the place and he becomes the talk of the town. Of course everyone knows the tale of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth, the two most unlikely people in Regency England to ever get together, but this is a different story altogether told of the broader aspects of sex and sexuality.

The Mr. Bennet from the original story is now a randy older man who is trying to rekindle his youth, drawing pictures of naughty women in various states of undress to turn him on. Both he and Mrs. Bennet need someone to marry their daughters, and the eligible and handsome Mr. Darcy proves to be a perfect match, only he has little love for those around him, especially the country folk, and a biting wit and sarcasm that lands him in trouble with Elizabeth, who he earlier rejects as a potential wife.

At a gathering of the Bennet daughters and eligible men, Lydia, one of the Bennet daughters wasn’t typical of women in that period, not when she is meeting up with soldiers, and letting them take advantage of her young body with such easy pleasure. While others enjoy watching this spectacle at the gathering, Mr. Darcy is in regret at seeing Elizabeth again and thinking of her in a different way. This alone stirs his heart and his loins, (yes a lot of crotch activity goes on in this short novel.)

Mitzi has decided to write a more intense and sensual piece which never originally contained sex of any kind, as a brief affair in that day would have surely meant trouble for the woman in question. Despite the sexy times, Mitzi has kept the story faithful to how Austen would have written it, so the style of it is perfect, and flows well.


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