Review: Ravaged by Heather Whittington

ravaged anthologyReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Tamed by K.R.R. Bridgstreet

Laume enters a brothel in Vilnius the capital of Lithuania. She enters the establishment with a lion. She is a lion tamer and her lion’s name is Vincent. Laume meets Rasa and takes her back to the circus with her. Rasa ends up with a lion named Saul.

K.R.R. makes the reader stretch their imagination and takes them on one hell of a ride. You must be open minded and think that anything is possible. The story is graphic but if you’re a fan of the paranormal, it would be a shame to miss such a great story. I look forward to reading more of her work.

On a Full Moon by Silvia Violet

Samantha is out taking a walk at dusk. She has come across a wolf. Nate is her next door neighbor. But this isn’t your normal wolf story. Silvia has put in a little twist to her story. You will find that Silvia is very good at her craft. She left me hanging and wanting more. I can’t wait to read more of her work.

Pleasure Bound by S.J. Thomas

Logan is a shifter with a slight problem. Then in walks Celeste. She seems to be her father’s daughter. But S.J.’s story appears to be about compassion. This is a short story that packs a lot of action into a few pages. But you won’t feel deprived. She’s another author that has left me wanting more. If you also like this story, you’ll want to see what other books she has available.

Sheep Shifter by Erin O’Riordan

This story starts off with a very interesting letter. It makes you wonder what the story is going to be about. Erin knows how to get her readers to turn a page.

Alice Liddell has come to see Dr. Jung about dreams. And this is where Erin puts a twist on a favorite fairy tale – a very naughty fairy tale. She has left me wondering what other naughty fairy tales she has left to tell.

The Arcadian Cure by Annabeth Leong

Melissa and her boyfriend, Kyle, are at a bed and breakfast on vacation. Annabeth shows how interesting vacations abroad can be. She also has an interesting cure for what ails you. I wonder if that cure will work on anything else. I’ll have to check some of her other work.

Her Pride, My Joy by D.F. Krieger

Tina works at a zoo and has gone to see Mistress Kenya. This has a slight spin on the shape-shifter story. D.F. left me wanting to know if there is more to this tale. I’ll have to check into some of her other work and see what I can find. In the meantime, enjoy this great shape-shifter tale.

Heart of Stone by Persephone Jones

Sabra Pearson has come to interview Griffin Lux. Griffin runs Lux Corporation. He sounds like one of those bosses that are so full of themselves. But then Persephone shows us that Griffin has a big secret. But he’s not the only one. Persephone gives the reader a great story in a few short pages. You will not feel cheated.

Barely There by Leona Bushman

A War of the Weres Tale

Fern Bextrum is a shape-shifter trying to protect her child. Then a wolf comes in to save the day. Janessa is a very smart six year-old. Bill Fang is a park ranger. Leona brings new meaning to communing with nature. I look forward to reading more of her Weres series. It amazes me how much authors can pack into just a few pages.

Internal Savagery by Mickey J. Corrigan

Melissa is upset about something. She and her boyfriend, Bradley, are talking to Dr. Moody about their relationship. Bradley tells us what he has been working on. As you read, you will start to question what is going on. Mickey has you questioning about the lengths someone will go to in order to prove their love for their better half. She is an author to watch out for.

Encantado by Heather Whittington

Derek is at a party and then he sees her across the room. He seems to be an observer looking in but not participating. Then Derek goes to another party and there she is. He sees her again for a third time – don’t they say that third time’s the charm. Heather gives the reader a mystery that needs to be solved. We need to read the whole story to see if the mystery gets solved – or does Heather leave us hanging.

This was a great paranormal anthology. Each author pushes the boundaries of what actually occurs in our world. They make us question the possibility of others living amongst us. As you read this anthology please keep an open mind. You will be glad you did. This is also a great way to read some authors that you may never have read before.


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