Review: Red’s Hot Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Spikes & Spurs Romance Series: Book Two

Summary: Pearl Richland (heroine) has an unquenchable thirst for partying. She’s the girl friend who always lends an ear and never says no to a party. At least that was status quo ante. After her Great-Aunt Pearlita passed away, things just aren’t the same. She inherited Pearlita’s Bates motel. O.k., not really. It’s called the Longhorn Inn and she’s the new owner, but it does resemble that motel from the scary movie. Running the 25 unit 50 year old motel is putting a huge damper on her social life. As a matter of fact, it’s not just dampened it, it’s killed it.

And so it was, until a hot cowboy named Wil Marshall (hero) requests a room. Pearl doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to turn her whole world upside down. Then again…she’s about to do the same to his!

Review: Red’s Hot Cowboy brought along plenty of side-splitting similes, witty retorts and new characters to fall in love with. A fun, often touching story about how love sometimes finds us under the most unusual circumstances. There were also some references of domestic abuse relating to Pearl’s employee and friend (Lucy). And I should tell you, when Luke gives Lucy his testimonial, I cried.

Book two may differ in plot and setting from the first in the series, but still delivers sassy independent women and the strong men fearless enough to cross their paths.

By the way, did I mention Pearl hears voices? Actually, she sometimes imagines what her great-aunt would’ve thought about her choices. Go on now; you know you want to hear Chris Young’s song, “Voices.”

Cameos: Thought bubble: How curious! Pearl has a pendant similar to Austin’s (two crossed pistols over angel wings). And yes, I do notice those things, lol.

I spied with my little eye, lots of Love Drunk Cowboy characters. There was the O’Donnell brothers (Rye, Raylen and Dewar), their sisters (Gemma and Colleen), their mother (Maddie), and Ace Riley. Ms. Brown also included updates on previous heroes and heroines, e.g., Sharlene and Holt. As well as Austin and Rye post-marriage. She gives us a six-month update on Austin you won’t want to miss!

Obituary: Pearlita Richland passes away.

Favorite Scenes:

Number 1: Room# 10 on New Year’s Eve, of course! Things get fun after eight shots of whiskey.

Number 2: December 24th at the Longhorn Inn. No one sleeps that night! That was an entertaining scene to say the least.

Favorite Characters: Wil, who’s my kinda cowboy! Gotta love a sexy dark-haired man with a Blake Shelton CD in his truck!

I absolutely LOVED Wil’s disgusting nieces (Janey and Mesa). They have enough spunk for 30 gals. I really wanted to see them in more scenes.

What’s Next? Book three, Darn Good Cowboy Christmas, I believe will release in October of 2011. Followed by One Hot Cowboy Wedding, April of 2012. I wouldn’t miss reading them for the world!


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Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. Romance, Copyright August 2011, Mass Market Paperback, Print Pages 357.

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