Review: Reluctant Romance: Guys and Girls Edited by Victoria Blisse

reluctant romanceReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is an erotic anthology.

Just One Date by AJ Jarrett

Lori is a waitress at a pizzeria. In walks Julian Garner. When he leaves, Julian gives her an interesting tip. This is the perfect romance in less than twenty pages. We get our sex fix but it comes at just the right time. And I don’t find that AJ forced the sex just to get it in. I look forward to see what else AJ has to offer. What a way to start off an anthology.

Come On You Reds by Victoria Blisse

This story is written in the first person.

Blake is Karen Bright’s boyfriend. They’re a very sexual couple. This is evident right from the beginning. They met at a conference and have been inseparable since. Victoria shows that even though a couple has differences, they don’t let that stand in their way of being together. You’ll love Victoria’s scene where Karen and Blake are “watching” a game. It’s full of innuendo between them and the commentator. You’re probably going “huh?” But when you read it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This is another great short from Victoria.

Just Desserts by Meg Wesley

Moira is at a gas station. She’s putting the moves on a guy looking at frozen pizzas. Sam’s not quite sure what to make of her. She gives him the surprise of his life. This touches on a subject that some may be uncomfortable for some but it’s done tastefully. AJ also leaves you wondering what happens next.

Little Bethany by Elyzabeth Va Ley

Malcolm is trapped in an elevator with Bethany O’Neal. He’s known her for a long time. They are on their way to a party. Bethany takes matter into her own hands. Elyzabeth has created a strong woman. She’s made Bethany a woman who doesn’t want to be what society says she should be. It’s a story that teases and leaves you wanting more. You don’t realize at the beginning that this is a time period piece.

Of Soup and Love by Julie Lynn Hayes

Annie Suarez is talking on the phone to her friend Toni. Vincent Jakoubek works for Annie and is hot as sin. He cares about how her work is going. And he’s younger than she is – what a fantasy. Romance by soup – Vincent is right up there with the romances with the pool boy. This was a great way to start to wind the anthology down with.

Just One Dance by Sara York

Layton is a bartender where Wendy works. Wendy has family issues that she needs to deal with. In the most personal way possible and no I don’t mean sex. Layton goes on to show Wendy how much he cares – and not just physically. Sara also reminds her readers that you don’t have to feel that you are alone. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. Now I’m disappointed that the anthology is over. I wanted to read more about Layton and Wendy.

Usually when I read an anthology, I feel that they save the best for last – but not in this case. All the stories were great. If you only have a short amount of time, you can sit and read one story at a time. If you have longer, you will find that you won’t want to stop until you’ve read each story. I have read Victoria’s work before and I’ve never been disappointed. I’m sorry to say that the other authors are all new to me. At some point I will have to change that.


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