Review: Ridden Hard by Elizabeth Coldwell

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

This story is told from the POV of Jamie. I really like this character. He is a young actor living in London. If you like hot fast erotic m/m sex, this one will please you from the get go! <G>. Jamie has gotten a choice role in a film and he celebrates with his friend and casual sex partner Finn, but for the first time, Jamie feels like he is missing something in his life and a friend with benefits isn’t going to fill that void.

On the first day of filming, Jamie realizes that lying about being able to ride a horse to land the role, might have been a mistake. Then he sees the set horse handler, Andrej Berger. It was lust at first sight for Jamie and when Ajdrej offers private lessons for Jamie, I think I was just as excited as he was <G>. Meeting someone smexy in the stables at night? I knew where this was going and there was no way I was going to miss it.

You realize quickly Andrej is a Dom by the way he speaks to Jamie. And Jamie finds him self wanting to take the role of his submissive. Now this is where the whole Dom/Sub thing fails me. I have realized that I like a romantic version of dominant and submissive relationship. Making the sub lick his, you know what, off of the Dom’s shoes isn’t very sexy, but that is just me.

Much to my surprise this story turned out to be a very romantic love story. There is more to it than just the great sex (and there was some of that!). The story is about Jamie and how he handles life in general.

I really like Coldwell’s story telling. It moves quickly and smoothly and I loved being in Jamie’s head. The ending made me squeee with joy, and I even plan on reading it again! Yes, the ending is that good 😉

[Rating:5] wonderful stars!

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