Review: Ripping the Bodice by Inara Lavey


Old School romance daydreams + embarrassing contemporary situations * 2 potential heroes = exponential fun.

Inara Lavey writes loving parodies of old school romance for Cassandra to daydream. Of course our plucky heroine (who is the very definition of spitfire) gets caught out time and again. She lands in some very funny situations as she sleep walks during some of them.

Cassandra Devon works in customer relations at a paper product company back in San Francisco and when her skuzzy boyfriend ditches weekend holiday plans she is determined it’s for the last time and dumps his sorry butt. Cassandra calls up her best friend Val and remakes plans to enjoy a holiday with her in Palm Springs.

There she meets:

Connor is the charming Irish rogue who’s passionate personality makes him the ideal romance hero.

Raphael (Rafe) is “the physical incarnation of every romantic hero who’d ever strode, seduced, stalked or swashbuckled across the pages of countless romance novels.”

What did I tell you about Lavey? That’s just a sample of her voice. Trust me, her writing is a hoot! Cassie’s internal dialogue is as sassy as any contemporary romance heroine and the daydreams are as equally riotous.

Now the only question that remains is who Cassie will choose: Rafe or Connor?


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  1. This sounds like a funny, entertaining book. I have added it to my TBR list. I just wish my library had it! It would be nice to read an enjoyable book for a change. I feel like so often I am reading books that I don’t really like. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

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