Review: Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

Reviewed by Aggie S.

“An ultimatum can break your heart… if your not willing to break all the rules…”

Wanting to go back to school to become a lawyer, Jessica gets accepted by the school of her choice and wants to celebrate; but her live-in boyfriend, tells her he can’t afford to send her to law school so she can just forget about it. You see, her boyfriend is a man who needs to control everything.

He tells her that he forbids her to go to school or she won’t become his wife. She tells him then she won’t marry him and that she is leaving. It goes on back and forth for a while until he finally tells her she isn’t strong enough to leave him. Well, Jessica does have a backbone and stands up to him and leaves.

Seth’s band finally starts hitting the good times and is making lots of money. Groupies follow them everywhere and he gets all the sex he wants, but feels that something is missing. Jessica in the mean time finishes the first round of school and finds out that she gets an “F” on a paper that she clearly thinks was a lot better. The teacher is considered to be an “Ice Queen” at school, and for some reason has it out not to pass Jessica. Jessica goes to the Dean for help and he will help her for sex. Not gonna happen according to Jessica.

A failing grade means Jessica will lose her scholarship and needs to raise money to finish. One of the bands members’ girlfriend offers her a summer job to make the money, but it means traveling with the Seth again. Jessica thinks she can do it without getting involved with him again. But can she and does she really want to stay away?

Review: The sex is great and the descriptions make you feel like you are right there. Read this story for some very graphic descriptions and find out if a controlling male can be changed. Do you think he can be?


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