Review: Saving Grace by Norah Wilson

by Karin of Savvy Thinker, guest reviewer

Saving Grace by Norah Wilson is another perfect book from this author. Guarding Suzannah is the other one of hers that I have reviewed. Both are in her Serve and Protect Series.

Full disclosure: I was given a pdf file for review.

There will be no spoilers – I don’t want to give anything away it was so good.

My take: If you love reading romantic suspense, you will love this book.  It is perfect in every way.

Suspenseful — yes!

Heavy on romance — yes!

Gruesome — No, thankfully, though there is some violence.

It is more than erotica, because there is love, not simply sex.

The Story: Police Detective Ray Morgan is clearly drunk, because he has not handled his wife’s bombshell well.  She has left him for another man.  But when John Quigley (the hero from Guarding Suzannah) phones to tell him that Grace is barely alive, because she has rolled her car, he manages to pull himself enough together to be driven to the hospital.  There he is told that along with a concussion, she has amnesia.  She doesn’t remember anything from the past week, and she doesn’t know that she has left Ray.  Her doctor tells Ray that he mustn’t tell her.

Then Quig gives him 2 weeks off to straighten out his marriage. Ray still loves his wife, and at the same time he can’t bear thinking of her being with another man. It is hard for him to be civil.

The action: The action is fast and furious, starting with the accident, then realizing there is a lot of cash in her car.  And she no longer has her job as a reporter (news to both of them.) The bullets start to fly and she and Ray have to stay one step ahead of the threats on their lives, without knowing why, since she still has no memory of the missing week.  Making it worse, internal investigations thinks Ray has gone rogue.

I really liked it all.

It was a perfect mix of romance and suspense.  There wasn’t any gratuitous violence, and there were no deaths.  I look forward to reading another book in the series.

The relationship between Ray and Grace is loving, even as they are both puzzled by her actions. It doesn’t sound like her.  Grace is strong, and yet sometimes unwise, just like most of us would be in the same circumstances.  They come out of it stronger.

I guessed at some of the plot before it unfolded, and sometimes I was right.

Have you read any of Norah Wilson’s books?

She is a 3 time Golden Heart Finalist and winner of New Voice in Romance contest.


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  1. Hi Karin,
    Thanks for the review. I’ve never read Wilson’s novels, but I’m thinking I really should. And Saving Grace sounds like my kind-a-book. I’m a suspense junkie, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

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