Review: Seducing the Governess by Margo Maguire

The story: Nash, the current Earl of Ashby, was never supposed to be the earl. He was the youngest of three brothers. He forged his destiny in war and got the scars to prove it. He hadn’t the first notion of how to manage Ashby Hall and make it profitable once more. It probably meant finding himself an heiress which he wasn’t looking forward to do. In addition, he certainly didn’t know what to do with his niece, but he did know she couldn’t be raised by a parcel of ex-soldiers from the Napoleonic Wars. So he hired a governess… one that stirred his blood like no other… one he couldn’t have if he meant to save the livelihoods of all who counted on him.

Review: Seducing the Governess is heavy on the Jane Eyre influence especially concerning the meet-cute between the hero and heroine… hero falling off horse, twisted ankle, heroine semi-afraid of horses, helping him, and going their separate ways only for her to find out who he really is… he’s even got a girl ward.

I wasn’t too fond the sections devoted to Captain Gavin Briggs, the investigator. They detracted from the overall story. I think it was enough to show that he was hired at the beginning of the novel and not use him until the end because it was obvious that one of the long lost heirs of the Duke of Windermere was the heroine, Mercy Franklin.

About halfway through the story got a little bland. Too much internal conflict… why wouldn’t Mercy just open up and read her adopted mother’s diary and get it over with? The narration was on repeat with that one… Mercy resolved to read it… Mercy couldn’t read it yet…. But she would… just not now… etc. I ended up hurrying through the book and skipping over things in an effort to push through.

Why didn’t Andrew Vale ever turn up? I was ready for some angst ridden jealousy to spice things up a little!

The hero was the best part of the story for me. Nash is wonderful and exactly the type of hero I enjoy.


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