Review: Sex, Lies and Midnight by Tawny Weber

sex lies midnightHero: Simon Barton has watched Maya for years at a distance. He works for the FBI and he sees her as his way to get to her father, Tobias Black. When she needs a stand-in pretend boyfriend to help her navigate her father’s current embroilment with a girl from her high school class, Simon jumps right in and offers to be that guy. If he can keep his attraction to her under lock and key this might be the perfect sting.

Heroine: Maya Nicholas comes from a con artist family, but she ditched that life after a con gone wrong with her father and his lady-love. In trying to keep a low profile, Maya’s life is pretty dull. Just as she contemplates a relationship with a boring, but respectable guy, Simon appears and shows her that she can have better than normal.

Trilogy Conflict: Tobias Black is being set up to take the fall for some serious crimes. He doesn’t know who, but he sees this as the perfect opportunity to bring together his estranged children and keep them in his life.

Review: Simon and Maya fake everything but their desire for each other. It was fun to see Simon pitted up against Caleb Black (Sex, Lies, and Mistletoe), Maya’s sister and former undercover DEA agent turned town sheriff. The plot focuses on Maya reconnecting with her family, but I wasn’t drawn into that side of the story, preferring to follow Simon.


Buy: Sex, Lies and Midnight (Harlequin Blaze)

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