Review: Siren’s Call by Devyn Quinn

by Susan S., guest reviewer

A mystical tale of magick-wielding Mers, a lost civilization, and an evil queen hell-bent on destruction; escapism at its finest!

Siren’s Call is the first installment from Ms. Quinn’s Dark Tides Series.

Off the coast of Maine on Little Mer Island, there’s a mermaid named Tessa Lonike, heroine. Tessa has learned to guard her heart from all men. Humans are not to be trusted! Take Jake Massey for example, he cheated on her the night before their marriage. Yes, humans, especially the male kind can’t be taken at their word.

One night, during an awful storm Tessa spots someone in the distance. As a search and rescue diver she saves his life, hero Kenneth Randall. Now almost a year’s gone by, and Tessa’s about to experience a storm of her own. Kenneth’s back seeking answers. Like, who is the siren haunting his dreams, and who really rescued him that dreadful day at sea? Kenneth isn’t the only one who’s back. Her rat bastard, ex-fiancé has also returned; claiming he has clues to her Mer heritage. Jake believes he can find a lost civilization buried deep in the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Ishaldi.

One man will betray her. Another will risk everything to have her. And when they find Ishaldi, they’ll soon realize-some secrets are best left…at the bottom of the ocean!


Take a dive if you normally scout the bookstore searching for: paranormals, romances, urban fantasy, books with magick, lore, mermaids, or strong heroines, and the men who love them.

Please keep swimming if you’re searching for a sugary-sweet, singing mermaid.

What/who I loved: I loved hating Jake. Really! There’s just so much to despise. He’s arrogant, self-serving, and downright ruthless. And I enjoyed every minute of him!

Favorite scenes:

There are two actually. First, there’s the apricot brandy scene. Let me say this, the way Kenneth drinks it will turn a woman’s legs to Jell-O. Hawt! Then, there’s the part where Tessa unleashes her power in one wrathful moment…wicked!

If you haven’t read Devyn Quinn before, let me say this, “Her descriptions are vivid.” You’ll also enjoy the malevolent characters as much as her likeable ones. I certainly do!

I was so entertained with the sisterly bickering, that I would’ve been content just reading about Tessa, Gwen, and Addison bickering for 300 plus pages.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Buy: Siren’s Call: A Dark Tides Novel

Signet Eclipse, Paranormal Romance, Aug. 3, 2010, Mass Market Paperback, Print Pages 375,
ISBN# 978-0-451-23093-5, ISBN-10# 0-451-23093-0.

PS If after reading Siren’s Call you’re still thirsting for more, book two Siren’s Surrender is set to release in Feb. 2011. Promising more seductive Mers, and one hunky special FBI agent named Blake Whittaker. The second installment will bring us Gwen Lonike’s story, the middle of the three Mer sisters. Will you surrender to the sirens?

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  1. Hi Devyn!
    Thanks for popping in. I was horrified when I wrote the review, because one of the words I felt best described Jake was rat bastard. I’m not in the habit of using strong words, but really… he is, lol. Love the way you wrote him.

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