Review: Slave by Cheryl Brooks

Slave is a fun, light, SFR (sci-fi romance). It’s a little bit (okay a lot) silly at times, but also occasionally thought provoking. It’s the first book in the Cat Star Chronicles and takes place in a future where a lot of common phrases from today are considered ancient.

Captain Jacinth “Jack” Rutland first spies Carkdacund “Cat” Tshevnoe in the slave markets of some distant and smelly planet. He was remarkable in the fact that he was completely naked (though grimy and unkempt) and hobbled with chains everywhere, including his genitals. His treatment indicated that he’s dangerous, very dangerous, but dangerous might just be what Jack needs when she tries to track down her kidnapped sister, Ranata, on another nearby planet known for enslaving women.

Cat or Kittycat as he quickly becomes referred as throughout the novel, is one of the last Zetiths in the universe. His planet was destroyed by an asteroid that only he knows was done as an act of war. Before becoming a slave he was a soldier. He’s been used to fight battles and sexually (and probably everything else in-between though not specified.) When Jack buys and then frees him, he’s determined to bond himself to her and thinks sex is the fastest way to make himself indispensable to her.

I’m marking this book as interracial – but it’s really interspecies.

Best line left wide open: When Jacinth told Cat to “Jack off” instead of using the standard language to tell him to take care of his erection himself. It was too good to pass up, but it was. Sigh.

Hottest thing about Cat: His penis! A lot of words in the book are dedicated to it. For more details read Brooks’ guest blog about the sexual prowess Zentithian men.

What got old fast: Instant and constant orgasm inducing snard (pre-cum basically). It diminished the heat level on the sex in my opinion because it came across as a cop out. There could have been some truly hot sex scenes between Kittycat and Jacinth if snard hadn’t gotten in the way making the actions and dialogue gooey.

Funniest Sex moment: The nose bumping/humping. Very silly.

Hottest Sex: Public sex in the restaurant.

The book starts off strong but the general silliness of some of the world-building gets in the way of the good stuff. Overall it was a good starter to a SFR series.

Rating: 3 Stars

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  1. Did I mention how much I liked the cat hero bit? YUM! I seriously think there should be more catty heroes in romance. I love the wereleopards in ABVH book series and I love the purring Cat does in Slave.

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