Review: Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

Snowball in Hell was previously published in I’ll Be Dead For Christmas, Partners in Crime #2.

Consistent. That’s the word I would choose to describe Josh Lanyon’s stories, as in consistently great <G>. He knows how to tell a story and tell it well. His characters are emotionally satisfying.

This story is set in the 1940’s and the world views on gay men were quite different than they are now. I think Josh showed this well. It must have been lonely and scary to be a gay man at this time. Nathan Doyle’s situation broke my heart. Not only is he plagued by nightmares from the war, all he wants is to love and be loved, but he has given up on that dream. Until, Matthew Spain comes into his life. Spain recently lost his wife to cancer.

I am surprised at how easily Spain is able to accept his feelings for Doyle. It was a little to quick for me. There wasn’t much lead up to them expressing their feeling to each other. This story focuses more on the relationship, not the sexual parts. There is also a great murder mystery in there too <G>. That is the beauty of Josh Lanyon’s stories. They are all that and the bag of chips.

[rating:4] (would have been 5, but the relationship happened too fast for me.)

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2 thoughts on “Review: Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon”

  1. I haven’t read a lot of Josh Lanyon (yet), but even with the few that I have read I would definitely agree with you that he is a great storyteller. I think his books could appeal to readers who like murder mysteries as well as those who like gay romance.

  2. His Adrien English mystery series is one of the best out there, throw in the love affair between Adrien and Jake and you have an OMG series . I haven’t read all his stuff, but I am working my way through it!

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