Review: Sonora Sundown (Americana, Book 3) by Janet Dailey

sonora sundownHero: Jim Corbett is a famous movie star. His specialty is Westerns and he plays a fine cowboy on and off the silver screen. While filming he retreats to his ranch and on this particular night decided to camp out under the stars. Imagine his surprise and frustration when a young woman enters his camp. She must be a groupie or a reporter. However as it turns out the girl doesn’t seem to recognize him and that alone intrigues him and takes him out of his cynical circular thought.

Heroine: Lost in the desert, without her horse, Brandy stumbles upon a dangerous looking man. He might be a cattle rustler, but he’s her only hope of getting through the ordeal in one piece. She knows her parents will be worried, she just hopes she makes it back before the search parties are sent. Her witless behavior catches the eye of the cattle rustler (who is actually not what he appears) much to her surprise. Of course she finds him gorgeous, but how does one talk to someone famous?

Review: Sonora Sundown is a classic Harlequin setup with a May/December pairing. He’s famous(ly cynical); she’s the naïve ingénue. There were signs of jealousy as the costar LaRaine tried to break up the happy couple. It was a little slow and I never quite warmed up to the characters. I felt the heroine was a little unbalanced – she was an odd mix of independence and codependence. The hero was determined to give nothing away until his final (first) declaration of love, which again is a classic Harlequin element.


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