Review: Soul of the Wildcat by Devyn Quinn


by Susan S., guest reviewer

Soul of the Wildcat is a wild and hot erotica! Devyn’s sexy Native American shifters will leave you breathless. I recommend this book to erotica readers.


Dakoda Jenkins, a ranger working in North Carolina’s South Mountains State Park. Her assignment, is to stop the poachers from capturing the Eastern Cougars.


Jesse Clawfoot, a Native American belonging to the Tlvdatsi; a tribe of the Cherokee Nation. He wandered too far from his reservation in search of a mate; when he scents a female.


Began their day never imagining they’d be taken, captured, and caged.


Together, they’ll attempt to stop the cruel outlaws known as the Barnett brothers.


They need to escape first!


Devyn’s sex scenes are hot, explicit, and her descriptions are spot on. The sex scene inside a wrecked plane, during a lightning storm was steaming hot! Of course, the picnic table scene at the beginning wasn’t too bad either. (LOL)


Readers familiar with the author’s novels will find Soul of the Wildcat to be a “lighter” and slower-paced read when compared to her darker faster- paced works. This book contains- expletives, sexual molestation, and a reference to bestiality which some readers may find disturbing.


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Erotic Romance, Aphrodisia Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., Copyright 2009, December 2009, Paperback.
ISBN-13# 978-0-7582-3121-5
ISBN-10# 0-7582-3121-0

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  1. Hi Devyn,

    Thanks for taking the time to write the novel! Keep those thoughts going, we love to read your characters.
    I’m getting antsy…I’ll be turning my house upside down before Christmas, must find where my husband hid those Devyn Quinn books. Now…let’s see. Where would I hide “Dangerous Ties?” Be right back, need to check his shaving kit bag. (LOL)

  2. Hi Jane,

    I have “Eros Island” on my Kindle. I finished “Centaur Heart” by L. Betts, and just started “The Dream Well” by D. Thompson. Nice cover isn’t it?

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