Review: Spice ‘n’ Solace by K.C. Burn

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

When it comes to m/m I am very forgiving of the plot device used as long as I love the characters and connect to them. Funny, how this doesn’t hold true for my m/f reads, damn double standards <G>.

I would classify this novella as an erotic read, which means it was a little more detailed than I like and some of the word choices could have been classier, but that is just me. That being said, I loved the main characters, Kaz and Jathan. I eat up tender sub/dom stories like this.

The story is a Sci-Fi and takes place on a futuristic planet where gay men are not respected. The plot device had promise, but it was never explored to the extent that would have made me enjoy the world building, but this is a novella, so only so much can be done.

The chemistry between the Kaz and Jathan and the sub/dom play make this story worth reading. I give them 4 stars. I give the rest of the book 3 stars.


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