Review: Stud (Cat Star Chronicles, Book 8) by Cheryl Brooks

StudReviewed by Sharon S.

This is the 8th book in a series about an alien race from the now destroyed planet Zetith. The surviving Zetithian men have a feline gene that makes them unbelievably good-looking, strong, and when it comes to sex they are unmatched by any other males in the universe (we will get to why in a bit). In true PNR fashion, each book is a stand-alone story about one couple. The author does a great job of catching the reader up on any world building so I never felt lost or like I might have missed something by not reading the previous books.

This story is about Tarq, a Zetithian, and a human named Lucy whose family lives on the planet Talus Five. This story could be called Sci-Fi, but in a very lose sense. It is a romance first and foremost and definitely leans in the erotic direction. The plot is a tried and true one in PNR. Our couple has come to a business agreement and both are using it as an excuse to be around the other… all the while pining over each other but thinking the other is just staying around because of their deal. Normally this type of PNR storyline does nothing for me, but Tarq and Lucy are just so darned likeable! They are both truly good people with real life vulnerabilities that are endearing and do the right thing despite how others treat them.

Tarq travels from world to world offering to impregnate women. Since his race was practically wiped out he is doing his part in helping re-establish it and he is very good at what he does. Unfortunately he thinks this is the only thing is good for because he has a learning disability and can’t read. He comes to Talus Five to look for willing women and instead finds his mate, but feels he is too stupid and “used” for her to ever love him.

Lucy works for her father in his restaurant. Her whole family is ungrateful and takes advantage of her, almost like Cinderella. She wishes nothing more than to run away and be on her own, but she lacks self-confidence and money. Because she has to work so hard she has never had a relationship with a man (yep, virgin alert!). These two had great chemistry and lots of sex! Some of the descriptions were a little over the top for me with lines like this,

“Thick and long, it curved toward her like a snake about to strike, the scalloped head aimed right at her, orgasmic syrup dripping like venom from the points. His meaty balls hung low against…”

You get the picture <G>. Also the use of the word snard to refer to his addictive and tasty semen was kind of odd. I think some of this was meant to be a little campy especially when you take into consideration some of the anatomical differences between a Zetithian male and others. All in all this was an enjoyable read and the thought of hearing a Tarq purr made up for any short comings. I would read more from this author.


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