Review: Sugar Rush by Kimber An

by Mandy Dougherty, guest reviewer

Summary:Ophelia Dawson is your typical, run of the mill, high school junior.  She likes nothing more than a night filled with Star Trek, sugar-free Oreos and a good birdwatch. Growing up in the small town of Togo, Alaska Ophelia has always been deemed a ‘geek’.  She never fit in with the ‘in’ crowd, like her twin sister Bianca had. She never wanted the attention that her high maintenance other half garnered from the boys at school. Though she was equally as beautiful as her twin with long, red hair and a body that a model would long for, no one ever seemed to pay attention to the diabetic girl who collected action figures.

Everything changed when Ophelia gained the interest of Martin Brynner, the captain of the football team.  The two began dating and both soon fell head over heals for each other.  It was a fairytale turned nightmare when Martin began to act peculiar.  In a passionate make out session Martin breaks skin and the blood that flows from Ophelia onto his tongue sparks a frenzy of epic proportions.  In that moment his obsession begins and Ophelia is his drug of choice.

In attempts to steer clear of Martin and all of his odd behavior Ophelia finds that she had gained the attention of an admirer. Leaving her presents he remains in the shadows for months.  Finding herself drawn to a boy that she had never met, Ophelia is determined to unravel the mystery of the secret admirer and rid herself of Martin, her over-possesive ex turned stalker, forever.  As fate intervenes Ophelia comes face to face with her ‘beloved’ at a Christmas Dance where the two share their first kiss.  Enraged by the thought of losing his ‘Sweet’ Martin goes on a rampage, determined to rip Ophelia’s pursuer limb from limb. Now that her admirer has been found, the two set on a path of love and tragedy as Ophelia’s admirer is forced to bring her into a world of evil that has chosen her as their next target.

Will her admirer win the fight against the Oldbloods and Newbloods, vampires determined to taste the ‘Sweet’ and keep her for their own? Is he too late, will the tragedy or loss from his past be repeated with the loss of Ophelia?

Review: I love nothing more than to sink my teeth into a good paranormal romance.  Whether the object of my critique be of the young adult genre or the tried and true adult paranormal romance that generally finds its way into my hands, I am obsessed.  Unfortunately I found Sugar Rush by Kimber An practically unbearable to read.  The first 100 pages of the book leave the reader spinning with the details of Ophelia Dawsons life: she is a diabetic, her father has failing kidneys and is near death, her Mom has obsessive compulsive disorder, she goes from no name geek to varsity hunk’s girlfriend, she is a twin and her sister is an extraordinarily gifted seamstress, she has a secret admirer whom she already loves, she has an avid interest in Star Trek, she speaks four languages and last but not least she is the main focus of the two main types of vampires that roam the Earth.  Ophelia is deemed the ‘Sweet’ because of her inability to process the sugars in her blood.  This makes her a treasure among the Newblood vampire race.

Though the dialogue is overly done and dramatized I do have to say I did enjoy the romance that brewed between Ophelia and her secret admirer.  Though their love evolves rather quickly it is something that appears genuine and the fact that he then plays the heroic Alpha male throughout the remainder of the book was an aspect I am able to give kudos.  Unfortunately the admirer is not enough to hold the tale as it overflows with choppy scenes that do little for the plot and the introduction of several characters that could easily have been left by the wayside.

Sugar Rush by Kimber An is a story filled with vampires, shapeshifters and obscene scenarios.  If you are willing to take the plunge and the text is able to hold your focus, I suggest you ride your curiosity all the way to the end.  The writing slowly improves and the plot does take a nice, frustrating turn at the end. Though I would like to say that Sugar Rush has turned me off to the Ophelia Dawson Chronicles indefinitely, like I said I am a sucker for paranormal romance and having devoted the time to take in this book, I may be tempted to read the next.


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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Sugar Rush! You summed it up so eloquently. I shall strive to improve on the choppiness and flow in the future. Structure is my biggest weakness as a writer, I think, and I have to work very hard at it.

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