Review: Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London


I spent two days reading another bite your nails love triangle romance… I am such a glutton for punishment!

Of course, I cheated before starting. When it comes to Love Triangles, Jennifer Haymore changed my tune about spoilers. Now I am all for reading the last chapter to find out who gets with whom. Are you the same way or do you like to be spoiler free? Don’t worry I won’t share who wins the girl.

So once I knew who the ultimate hero was I started the book and immediately liked both heroes. Oh no! Like with the rejected man from A Hint of Wicked, I hope the rejected man from a Summer of Two Wishes gets his story too!

What’s fun about the Summer of Two Wishes, is that it’s a contemporary love triangle with a similar set up to A Hint of Wicked only this time the laws surrounding the situation are known. Even though they’re known, our heroine is still in for a hard decision!

Macy was desperately in love with her husband Finn Lockhart. She begged him not to join the army and go fight in Iraq but he was adamant that he would. Macy waited on tenterhooks for his safe return, but that was not to be the case. When officers came to her door with charred dog tags and their condolences, Macy’s world fell apart.

It takes a strong secure man to pull her out of her grief. His name is Wyatt Clark. They fall in love, get married and are celebrating their newlywed status (seven months) by trying to get pregnant and start their family. Life is good and Wyatt believes he’s the luckiest man alive until…

Finn Lockhart is recovered by Coalition forces and on his way home to reclaim his land and his wife. It’s a miracle, a dream come true and a nightmare all rolled in one.

Macy is now in what is called a putative marriage. She must dissolve one marriage by divorce (her’s and Finn’s) or by filing suit to declare one void (her’s and Wyatt’s). How is she ever going to pick between her past love and her new love?

Julia London does an absolutely incredible job putting together this contemporary love triangle. I love the settings, the heroes, the heroine, and the peripheral characters… yes even Finn’s mom!

Rating: 4.5 Stars.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London”

  1. Did Julia and Jennifer share ideas before their triangle books were published? This book sounds exactly like Jennifer’s, the only difference is the genre and time period.
    I have Summer of Two Wishes in the TBR pile and I do have to say I enjoy a good love triangle story now and again.

  2. I’m 100% spoiler free, I like to endure the suspense until the very end. Summer of Two Wishes sounds like a tear jerker but I have a few boxes of tissue; will have to read it.

  3. If it’s a love triangle, i want to be spoiled. So i guess when i pick up my copy this weekend, i’ll have to do the same thing you did Keira. Once i know who she ends up with, i can enjoy the book without worrying that the guy i want her to end up with was not the one.

  4. Haha, yes exactly! 😀 I usually avoid spoilers if I can help it (or I want to know enough to get intrigued but I don’t want everything spilled if I can help it)… but love triangles? Spillage and spoilers must happen. lol

  5. I loved your review of Summer of Two Wishes! I had just read the book when I read your review. Ms. London has stated that there will be another book in the same setting. I truly hope that the guy with the broken heart gets his own HEA! Summer of Two Wishes was even better than I expected!

  6. i love the story much!

    it’s fantastic like the truth story in our lives.

    we have to choose someone who really love us and someone who we really love.
    besides that, I learnt from that story is that as a wife, we have to be loyal with our husbands and still believe that there’s a miracle near us!
    so, don’t get easily to make a decision!
    especially in marrying status!

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