Review: Sweet Deception (Veiled Seduction, Book 2) by Heather Snow

Sweet Deception heather snowReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Location: Derbyshire, June 1817

Derick Aveline is the Viscount Scarsdale. He’s come back to his family’s estate, White Peak. He’s steps into Aveline Castle and is greeted to some strange goings-on. Emma Wallingford has a past history with Derick. He has an endearing nickname for her that you will just have to read the story to find out what it is – it’s not a nickname that you would expect.

Heather creates a scene where there’s a lot of water. You can see the whole thing unfold and you can almost hear it too. And now the mystery begins. What does Heather have in-store for her readers in book two of the Veiled Seduction series?

Emma’s brother is the magistrate, George Wallingford. We find out he’s not all that well which just adds to the mystery. If you like a little intrigue with your regency romance, you can’t go wrong in adding this to your library. If this is a title that you want to read over and over, I would suggest buying the paperback edition. Electronics can fail where actual paper doesn’t (as long as you take good care of it).

I admire Heather for making Emma a strong woman at a time where I’m sure most women did as they were told. She lives in an era where women don’t do a man’s job. But Emma, at times, seems to be just a little smarter than them. But they also listen to what she has to say.

One scene reminded me of “Dirty Dancing” – experienced older man and a young woman coming into her own. I certainly could picture Patrick Swayze playing the part of Derick. The minute you get to the scene in the book, you will understand.

Please make sure to read the “Author’s Note” at the end of this story. I found the information very interesting. In the past, I used to skip this part of the book. But now I find that I was missing out on a lot of information when I did that.

Heather also teases us by giving us a peek at her next book Sweet Madness that is coming out next year. If you haven’t read her first book Sweet Enemy, after you read this book I would go back and read the book that started it all. Or since you have the time, read the series in order. Heather has me looking forward to next year but also disappointed that it is so far away.


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