Review: Sweet Madness (Veiled Seduction, Book 3) by Heather Snow

sweet madnessReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

The year is 1817 and then it jumps to 1820.

Gabriel Devereaux is watching Lady Penelope Bridgeman dance with her husband. He seems to be envious of what she and her husband have. Then Heather jumps ahead when we see that something may have happened to Gabe.

Heather covers a subject that you rarely see in a fiction book – especially a romance. As I read Gabe’s story, I start to compare what our soldiers of today must be going through. But we don’t seem to think that our soldiers in the past must have gone through the same thing. It must have taken a lot of research in order to be historically accurate.

We also get to see how people of that time period treated people that were different – it’s not something that they would be able to get away with today. And that is a blessing. It also makes me wonder what Lady Penelope would think of the medical help the soldiers receive today.

There’s a carriage scene that I just loved. It appeared to be a bit of role reversal. Penelope seemed to be the one with the strong compassionate personality and Gabe seemed to be the vulnerable one.

Heather gives you a sex fix if that is what you look for in your historical romances, but it’s not the main focus of the story. And then she gives us the perfect ending – she never disappoints her readers. You will also want to make sure to read the “Author’s Note”. I’m looking forward to seeing if there is a book four


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