Review: Texas Tangle by Leah Braemel

This contemporary erotica is a wonderful way to pass a few hours. It takes place in Texas and is about the coming together of a permanent threesome between two men and the woman they both love.

Braemel does an excellent job exploring the mind spaces of all three characters including their fears, motivations, and love.

Nikki Kimball’s life is a wreck all thanks to her good-for-nothing brother and her lousy ex-husband. Her childhood ill equipped her to understand the freedom and joy found in being responsible for personal happiness and because of that she’s had none until the two heroes come along.

Dillon Barnett and his foster-brother Brett Anderson have shared fists before over the luscious Nikki back in high school. It nearly destroyed them then and even now after all these years and her marriage to another man Brett’s just learning to trust the friendship between them again fully. One or the other will lose out because they’re forcing Nikki to choose. But what if they didn’t? Could they possibly both love the same woman and not rip each other to shreds? It doesn’t seem possible because jealousy is what ruined everything before.

I found it a little hard to believe Nikki would be so adventurous at first because of how lousy her marriage was. After the miscarriage things fell apart rapidly and she stayed out of cowardice. Her husband, Wade, cheated on her constantly. He was supposed to be her only lover before Dillon and Brett come along and he honestly didn’t come across as a considerate sounding bloke.

The love making other than that was steamy and sexy. There’s some alone time, voyeurism, three way action (one time double penetration – that was woo-dang smoking hot), and lots of cuddling. Go ahead and spice your bedroom up with this read. You’ll thank me later.

Rating: 4 Stars

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