Review: That Voodoo You Do by Jodi Redford

Reviewed by Susan S.

Was it a voodoo queen’s black magick which lured me into the story, or a white witch dabbling with a 24 hr. spell? Who knows?! But what I do know is that Ms. Redford’s novel is not to be missed. It was spectacular! I read it in “one” day, and am now jonesing for more. Got a have…more!

What’s Inside? There’s a very B-A-D wolf who’s uber-hot and knows it, a sexy tiger who growls while engaging in steamy sex, and a witch who won’t let anything/anyone stand between her and her man!

Summary: Book One in That Old Black Magic Series

Jemma Finnegan has kept her feelings for Griffin Trudeau under lock and key for ten very long years. As for Trudeau, keeping his feelings in check has been his own personal hell. Involving himself with his best friend is against the rules. Not because they’re friends, but because he’s her familiar. He knows what the rules are. What he doesn’t know, is what will happen if the rules are broken. Well, he’s about to find out!

Breaking the rules has never felt so right, or so…wrong. How could one beautiful night of lovemaking turn into such an unimaginable hell? A dead voodoo queen has just unleashed a legion of zombies, and they’re after one thing: Jemma’s blood. Does Finnegan know how to stop a zombie apocalypse, use her magick, keep her man, and stop the National Alliance of Witches from banishing the man she loves? Hell, no! But her coven mistress, Clarissa, has some ideas. Perhaps a sexy werewolf named Logan may be of help.

Review: With new-to-me authors I never know what to expect. But after reading That Voodoo You Do, I’m an instant Jodi Redford fan. I’m inclined to believe she owns a magickal scale to place over her manuscripts because her literary elements are perfectly balanced. I loved her characters, hated her antagonist, cranked the A/C through the sex scenes, and the happily-ever-after just warmed my heart. Book two, here I come!

My Favorite Scenes:

Scene #1: When Griffin “has” to ask Logan to help him seduce Jemma. (Smile).

Scene #2: Every scene where Griffin uses the endearment baby.

Scene #3: Every time Logan says sugar.

Scene #4: When Griffin and Logan make her fantasy come true. What starts in the kitchen with some novel uses of sauce, will end on the counter of a hardware store. Trés hot!!!

Recommendations: Mega Mass-Appeal for everyone 18 and older.

If you’re drawn to paranormal romance, this novel has all the paranormal characters you’d want and expect. Erotic romance lovers: the intimate scenes are cranked to extra double-boil. Erotica readers, we have some M/F/M encounters. Oh, you want romance do you? Check. And the HEA will keep you smiling for days. If you enjoy the friends-to-lovers tropes, this book has it. Into zombie reads? (Hello, sister dear!) There’s plenty of the undead to make you scream!

Disclaimer: I won this novel at a TRS (The Romance Studio) party. I loved it so much-I felt it was my duty to review it. Didn’t have to/wasn’t asked to/simply wanted to.

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Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Paranormal Erotic Romance, Copyright 2011, Print Pages 205. ISBN# 978-1-60928-283-7.

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  1. I’m happy you like a book that has zombie characters. You really are my sister! LOL I’m going to read this one since you liked it so much.

    1. Surprisingly, I’ve read two books which include zombies and I’ve enjoyed them. Jodi’s is one, the other is Kenyon’s YA book titled, Infinity.
      And yes, you would so love That Voodoo You Do!

  2. Why am I always the intercom woman? Lol.
    ATTN READERS AND KINDLE OWNERS: That Voodoo You Do is currently available through Amazon free to download onto your Kindles. Hurry! It may be for a limited time.

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