Review: The Accidental Highland Hero by Terry Spear

by Susan S., guest reviewer

This spicy historical will steal your breath and capture your heart.

This novel includes: breathtaking settings, a sword-wielding, sexy Scottish highlander, a great plot, and as an added bonus, a happily-ever-after. Sound interesting? You bet! Terry Spear employs her happily-ever-after motto in this new historical novel, once again leaving her readers smiling.

Lady Eilis, heroine, is up against the wall. Her cruel and dominating uncle is forcing her to marry through deceit. (All she needs to do is pretend to be her late cousin, and marry an older man she doesn’t love.) This may or may not stop fighting along the clan borders, but one thing’s guaranteed, life for Eilis only holds misery and duplicity if she stays in Ireland and plays the hand she’s been dealt.

James MacNeill, laird of Craigly Castle, is in a pickle himself. He’ll need to find a wife soon or relinquish the clan to his brother, Malcolm. (All he needs to do is fight the hateful, good for nothing Dunbarton clan, and find a suitable wife; with haste.)

James has a plan, Eilis had a plan or did she? She really can’t remember much after she hit her head on that boulder. Now she’s a lone survivor of a shipwreck, in Scotland, with no memory of who she is.

Clans will fight, prisoners will be captured, and Eilis will run again, but she’ll soon realize, you can’t run from your heart.

A beautiful tale of trust, loyalty and love!

Things I enjoyed: How the heroine “continuously” manages to stumble into the hero’s bedchamber while he’s in various states of undress. (Lucky lass!) Which leads me to the second thing I enjoyed, every time James calls Eilis, lass.

My favorite character: Lady Eilis. Regardless of her inner turmoil, she follows her heart and does what she feels she must do.

Rating: 5 Highland Swords

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eARC, Historical Romance, Vintage Romance Publishing, LLC, 2010, pages 295.
ISBN# 978-0-9819896-6-2. Also on paperback, print pages 256.

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