Review: The Cottage in the Woods by Lucy Felthouse

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is a F/F erotic short story.

Heidi is at the sink washing a bowl when she sees something out in her garden. Heidi lives in a little cottage far out in the wilderness. She finds that her nocturnal visitor is a fox. Something occurs as she goes out into the garden to investigate.

Ava has come to the cottage but we see that she’s injured. Heidi gives her a place to stay for the evening. Because this is a short story things move quickly between the two women. I found that this was more of a sensual story than an erotic story. I would have also liked to have seen more of the paranormal in the story.

If you are a fan of erotica you may be a little disappointed in not seeing more sex but remember that is what our imagination is for. If you’re looking for a sweet story where two women love each other than you won’t be disappointed. Being a short story, it may leave you wondering what happens between Heidi and Ava but you can create their ending.

If you have a short amount of time and you want a quick read, this would be a good story to choose. I have read a few of Lucy’s other stories and she never fails to grab my attention. If you are fan of the F/F genre you will enjoy reading The Cottage in the Woods.


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