Review: The Countess by Lynsay Sands

It’s been years since I’ve picked up such a delicious romance featuring the twin theme and mistaken identity. It is right up there with my personal favorite, Thursday’s Child by Sandra Brown (don’t trust those Amazon reviews… lol).

The evil twin’s devilry:

The bad twin, George Radnor, believed he had successfully murdered his twin and for the last year has been impersonating Richard. In that year he wed his wife Christiana at first pretending to be a charming suitor when in reality he was an ogre of the worst sort. Luckily the servants are all on her side.

On the day this story starts, the man known as Dicky dies.

Christiana can’t quite believe she’s free of the miserable tyrant, but she can’t breathe just yet. First she and her sisters have to hide the body, because if anybody knew they would have to go into mourning and they can’t do that without risking scandal from their father’s gambling debts. Suzette is determined to web a fortune hunter of her choosing to pull the family from the brink of ruin.

Will the real Richard Radnor please stand up?

On the same night of her release from the prison of her marriage, who should walk into the ball but her quite dead husband Dicky! Ill at ease and feeling frantic, Christiana doesn’t know what to do, but then what can she do but follow her husband’s lead as he whisks her onto the dance floor?

Inherited wife or scandalous divorce?

Richard must make a tough decision. Will he take his brother’s wife as his own? After all she thought she married him, the true earl. Or does he divorce her so he’s not trapped in an unwanted marriage? His decision is based on one question only – did Christiana murder his brother?

Can true love win the day before… the time ice runs out?

Recommended to those who like or love twins, mistaken identity, and a delicious comedy of manners.


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