Review: The Darkest Day (Immortal Heat, Book 1) by Britt Bury

DarkestDayHero: Kelvin Kerr is a 1000 year battle chief and a razorback Pookah. He plans to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the Fionns by wiping out all those with Campbell blood, but especially the heir and leader known as the McCall. What sucks is that he knows Izel is the One. If he sleeps with her on the night of the solstice they will be mated forever, if he does it before then he dooms himself to an eternal life without love.

Heroine: Izel Campbell is not the immortal she has believed herself to be all her life. She is in fact human… the last one alive on the earth to be precise. This sucks the big one, especially when a Kerr captures her as she turns mortal. They are enemies and he shouldn’t be trusted, but he offers to take her to safety and help her find information on her grandfather. If only she wasn’t so darn attracted to him, a terrible thing for a girl who just regain feelings she never thought she had.

World:  Everyone is immortal to some extent, pure humans no longer exist. In fact there isn’t a single one… well, until Izel. The Court of Contention occurs every 400 years, undoing the boundaries of the four realms. Chaos and war are sure to follow. Order must be kept in check.

Review:  What really worked for me was the curse placed by one clan on their worst foe in the other clan, backfires, in a big way. I also really liked the banter between the hero and heroine. They gelled. It worked. I also liked how the hero had to wait or risk losing all chance at love. It could have used more “who the hell am I if I don’t know anything about who I really am?” from Izel. She did just have a total appearance change and status change and develop a whole new range of emotions. Good book! Check it out if you like PNR.

Rating: 4 Stars

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