Review: The Doctor’s Forever Family by Marie Ferrarella

Genre: Contemporary, Category

Summary: NYC radiologist Dan Davenport moves to small town Forever, Texas to fulfill his dead brother’s promise to become the town doctor. There he meets single mother Tina Blayne who’s working at becoming an accountant and winds up as his secretary/office administrator. They think they have each other pegged, but do they?

Review: I’m not a big fan of doctor plots so that really affected my reading of the story. I also didn’t like how the single mother has a sick child in the story just because the hero’s a doctor. Too cliché and rarely do I like the sickness trope that brings the main couple together because one takes care of the other (or in this case the kid.) I also felt Dan’s inner angst about his brother and why he was in Forever was a little convoluted and cookie cutter.

What I did like was all the people in the small town coming together to help get his home ready before he arrived (though you’d think they would’ve done this before he got there – except the point was to show him small town hospitality) and Dan’s thoughts where he wondered if they were helping because they thought to barter their help as handymen for his medical services. Too funny!


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