Review: The e-Book Murders (Global Crime Prevention, Book 1) by A.D.Vates

The e-Book MurdersReviewed by Karin

Someone is murdering (or will murder) those who leave 1 Star reviews of a particular author. Be careful what you write! Ouch!

Enter the GCPU as they cross the globe to root out evil.

Will, back from the war, is recruited by his sister to join the group. Each of the 4 woman who comprise the group has their own strengths, and there are enough gadgets to satisfy any James Bond aficionado.

The story was clever. I didn’t realize it was a novella or that it is a to-be-continued story. I didn’t like that, though other reviewers have liked it, and one likened it to a TV series. I, however, wanted this particular story line finished, so the next book would be a new story line.

Clever premise, however, and likeable characters.


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  1. Nice review, Karin. It sounds like a good read, a mix of sleuthing and writing go hand in hand here. Like the humor too.

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