Review: The First Spell (Hot Magic, Book 0.5) by Rachel Carrington

the first spellReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Something has happened to Charlie. Jensen and his brother, Remy, find her in the woods. Charlie asks Jensen “Is he always so cross?” I loved his answer to her question, “Only on days that end in y”. I know a few people who could join Remy.

Charlie seems to be the unwitting pawn in some kind of war. And Jensen seems to be her “knight in shining armor”. Remy appears to be the total opposite. It will be interesting to see if Rachel has given Remy his own story.

The title of the book gives you a hint as to what type of supernatural being they are. It may have you thinking about “Harry Potter” but this is so much more. There is no comparison that can be made between the two. It also states that it is a prequel but it can stand alone. This is a good way to see if you might like to check out the other books in the series.

According to Rachel’s web site, she has three books in this series already out (besides this one). The other books already out are Indigo Spell, Unchained Spell, and Breaking the Spell. If you loved Rachel’s vampire series, you may enjoy this series as well. The YouTube spot for this book is


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