Review: The Guardian by Margaret Mallory

Summary: Ian MacDonald was one of four boys who sought a prophecy from the clan witch. She told them all about the women they were going to marry, what a joke! They wanted to know about the glories of their future battles. Ian was told he’d marry twice: once in anger and once in love.

On the trip back from meeting the woman of his dreams, he finds a 13 year old Sìleas escaping from her keep to run away. He takes her with him and they’re caught sharing a bedroll and forced to marry. Ian is not just mad, he’s furious!

The day after the wedding he runs off with his three friends and doesn’t come back for five years. When he does, he plans to end the marriage, but then he sees his wife. It’s clear she is no longer the awkward girl she was, but a beautiful woman and the pride and joy of his family. The trouble is, she wants nothing to do with him!

Review: This second chance romance features a very strong and likable heroine. She has had to endure much while waiting for Ian to wise up to what a great catch he’s got in her. Her love has been unrequited for so long she can’t really see Ian coming around and winds up making a supremely stupid mistake as part of the angst section of the plot and what’s worse is aided by someone who really ought to have known better too. Luckily for them both Ian is more than capable of pulling the two out of the situation with minimal damage. You’ll swoon when he sneaks into their bedchamber that first time *g*. On the series/trilogy side, I’m pleased to say that all of the male leads who are getting a romance of their own are very worthy guys. You’ll want to root for them too.


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PS – As a complete side note how do you pronounce the heroine’s name? I’ve been pronouncing it something like: SIGH-Lee-uz

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my new book! My heroine’s name is Gaelic and is pronounced SHEE-las. (And I thought I was so clever sneaking the pronunciation into my book dedication!)


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