Review: The Kingmaker’s Daughter (The Cousins’ War) by Phillipa Gregory

kingmakers daughterReviewed by Zarabeth Golden

The so called “queen of royal fiction” takes her turn at the story of Anne Neville who became Queen after the War of Roses when her husband Richard III claimed the throne.

I have always loved this author’s ability to fill in blanks from history and create such strong heroine characters. In this case there is so little known about Anne, her sister Isabel, and their Rival Elizabeth that Philippa Gregory had a lot of opportunity to embellish and invent intrigue. I very much enjoyed the drama she created between the female characters when, of course, history focuses on the activities of the men on the battlefield,

However, she spends little to no time on the romance between our heroines and their husbands. I wanted more of the emotional connection between the sexes and perhaps some sex…

In any case, I enjoyed the read and her version of the events but missed the charm. She focuses on the political ambitions of these fascinating women and allowed the relationships to become secondary.

Great job on her research, depiction of the stories, and development of the characters though!


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  1. Liked the review, the author sounds like she has done a lot of extensive research into Anne Neville that could almost have been virtually impossible. So she deserves praise just for that. I enjoy reading Philippa Gregory’s novels as I enjoy reading about history I might not know of – thanks for encouraging me to get this book, Zarabeth!

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