Review: The Landlord’s Black-Eyed Daughter by Mary Ellen Dennis

Reviewed by Hannah

For all those girls who love bad boys, this is the book for you. A cavalier thief (aka “highwayman”) not only works to steal your heart, but also your baubles and pocketbook.

Hero: Rand is tall, dark and handsome. And if that already isn’t enough, he’s got the Robin Hood persona down pat. His cool, reserved demeanor can be trying for the reader to get into, but if aloft is hot for you- then this is the romance hero for you.

Heroine: Elizabeth is a curvy girl who’s far before her time. She’s feminine and independent (petticoats with career goals and aspirations)… it makes me happy. Elizabeth, a top selling romance novel writer in the Regency era, finds herself falling in love with the protagonist from her own work. At first glance, she knew she wanted to meet him.

She approaches him from all the way across the dance floor, and introduces herself – completely shocking herself with her brashness. It was very fun to see the heroine put herself out there time and time again. Her infatuation grows with him, as his surface-deep indifference increases (which seems a bit backwards to me, but makes for some interesting situations.)

Dislikes: Right from the first sexual encounter between Elizabeth and Rand… which was hot and feverish, Rand disappears. He might as well have been the invisible man, how fast he fled the scene. Seriously, then he goes on to tell her she should be with an alternative suitor (who also happens to be the “Right Arm of the Law” type guy and a beta male).

If that hadn’t been horrifying enough to read, Elizabeth happily accepts his fleeing without complaint. Yeah… that is unacceptable in my book. You don’t say “I love you” and run. Talk about mixed signals.

Likes: I loved the sex scenes, so hot. Rand plays a very controlled counterpart in those scenes. I had to wipe the sweat off my face, I got so hot.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the main character’s ardor, she was very capable of handling any all situations that arose, especially in reference to the sticky situations featured around the criminal acts of her bad boy.


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  1. U got me hooked *giggles* ill definatly check out this book .. Rand sounds like a fun hero to read .. Well except the run part .. I know ill have a problem with that but ill give it a shot regardless ^^

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