Review: The Marrying Kind by Ken O’Neill

marrying kindReviewed by Carla F.

Summary: Wedding Planner Adam More has had enough! He is sick and tired of planning weddings for other people when he cannot get married to his partner Steven Worth. He spray paints “No Weddings” in red on his office door. He also convinces Steven to write a series of columns in his job at The Gay New York Times to encourage other gays in the wedding industry to cease and desist.

Steven is thrilled that Adam is taking up this cause. After all, he and Adam just received a wedding invitation from one of Adam’s cousins addressed to “Adam More and guest.” He and Adam have been together for six years! He sarcastically suggests that they should not attend anymore weddings. Adam enthusiastically embraces the idea.

Then Adam and Steven find out that Adam’s sister has at last accepted Steven’s brother proposal. Of course, they want Adam to plan the wedding and for both of them to be in it.

Review: This book is more of a romantic-comedy rather than what I would define as a romance because the emphasis is not so much on the couple (for example, the sex is left at the bedroom door) but rather their interactions with family and friends once Adam decides to fight for same sex marriage. That said the book is hilarious.

It is told from Steven’s point of view, and his observations about himself and those in the world around him are one of the things that makes is so funny. For instance, Steven’s boss, Brad, meets a much younger man at one of the weddings and decides he wants to try to act younger which results in this conversation with Steven:

Brad beamed. “I really want the two of you to hang.”

Prior to this conversation, the Brad I know would never have made that statement unless he was actually hoping that Charlie and I would be executed.

“Charlie’s great. Tonight I’m meeting his peeps.”

Prior to this conversation, the Brad I know would never have made that statement unless he was actually being introduced to a box of Easter candy.

One other thing that is funny is the wonderful cast of family and friends of both Steven and Adam in particular Steven’s mother. She loves the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and when Steven was a child she made him watch twelve hours of it every year. She would then sing along with all the songs. She is of Macedonian-Romanian American and believes in the old ways including to spit on someone when they have gotten the “evil eye.”

You will love this couple and their family. Marriage equality and the sense of family and responsibility are serious issues, but O’Neil tackles them in a way to make a very enjoyable read.


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