Review: The Officer Says “I Do” by Jeanette Murray

officer says i doHero: Structure. Duty. Routine. Soldier.

Captain Timothy O’Shay unwinds more than he plans to while on pre-deployment in Vegas. When a gorgeous woman eyes him across a dealer’s table he cashes out and asks her to marry him. The only question remains will he remember it in the morning?

Heroine: Chaos. Heart. Fate. Free-spirit.

Skye McDermott was supposed to be on a girl’s night out in Vegas with work buddies, but when they attach themselves to two marines, she can’t help but notice the third. To her utter amazement he pops the question after one steamy kiss and she says yes. A girl doesn’t argue against fate.

Review: Opposites attract they say, add in some alcohol and you’ve got a romantic comedy of two unlikely people marrying at the drop of a hat. I only wish the blind run to the altar wasn’t marred by Tim acting completely out of character. I think it would have been hotter if he decided she was the girl for him and took the bull by the horns. It isn’t sexy when he wakes and thinks he had a drunk one-night stand and sneaks out of the hotel room. What a jackass maneuver from a guy supposedly responsible and honorable who respects women.

This book appealed to me because of the quickie wedding and then working the marriage out after the fact. I love marriage of convenience plots. This one was feel good, but not remarkable. Lots of hints about Madison, Tim’s sister, and his best friend.


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