Review: The Price of Desire by Leda Swann

by Mandy Dougherty, guest reviewer

In a world where all is proper and sexual desires are too taboo to be uttered, a relationship forged on all that society deems improper is brewing…

Caroline Clemens knows the pain of the plummet from London’s elite class to the lowly status of a mere pauper.  The recent death of her father has left her penniless to care for herself and her four siblings. When Caroline finds out that her father has not even left her with a dowry to marry properly, she is unsettled by the fact that her promised fiance, Captain Bellamy, is the only hope that her family has for survival. After all, what respectable man would marry her only to live in poverty?  She would be kidding herself to think that her love was ever enough.

Publicly rejected by her fiance and their engagement nullified, Caroline is left to ponder her future or lack thereof when she stumbles into the arms of the mesmerizing Dominic Savage.  Dominic is unlike any man that she has ever encountered.  There is something deliciously dangerous in his eyes and the pride in his step would make any woman weak.  Rejected and vulnerable, will Caroline give in to the mysterious Mr. Savage, condemning herself and her siblings to a life lived in shame?

Pride, the only thing that Caroline has left, is quickly cast aside as survival and self-preservation kick in.  As Dominic Savage swoops in and saves her family from the awful conditions at an English workhouse, Caroline is forever indebted to him. What begins as an act to save her family soon turns into a torrid sexual affair that any proper woman would run from.  Are passion-filled nights with Dominic enough or will she find a proper suitor to take his place?

Leda Swann, the pen name of authors Brent and Cathy, gives us an enticingly erotic look into historical London society with The Price of Desire. In a time when women were expected to be proper and men knew better then to ask any less of their female companions, Caroline and Dominic make rebelling against the ‘norm’ sexy and satisfying.  From page to page, you follow Caroline on her journey of sexual enlightenment at the hands of the experienced Dominic and are blown away when she finally takes the helm.  The storyline transitions flawlessly from essential world building to steamy sexual encounters that are essential to understanding the characters and their motives.  The Price of Desire is a scandalous, historical love affair that will capture you from the first page.  The other titles in the collection: Mistress, Captive, Temptation and the prequel Sugar and Spice are definitely on my TBR list.

Genre: Erotica (Historical Romance)
Pages: 281
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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